MyRoaming Plans

    Sign up for a LIME MyRoaming plan before you travel and stay connected while abroad.

    These plans can be used on Android , iPhone (iOS) and for BlackBerry devices (BlackBerry 7 OS or later), any data not covered by the BlackBerry Passport data plan.

    LIME MyRoaming Plan + Options

    MyPlan Base Destination Monthly
    30 minutes
    30 SMS
    30 MB Data
    To USA or LIME
    Anywhere Roaming

    MyData Plan Contents Monthly
    1 500 MB $100.00
    2 1 GB $150.00

      Per Min
    Receive calls FREE
    Calls to Home $0.49
    Calls to USA $0.49
    Calls to Anywhere Else $0.99
    Text Anywhere $0.19
    Data per MB $0.49

    All prices in US dollars.

    View our MyRoaming Terms and Conditions.

  • Roaming with your LIME Mobile

    Roaming is a convenient service that allows you to enjoy most of the features and services available on your mobile device while you're travelling overseas. Whether visiting the Caribbean or elsewhere, you can take your LIME mobile with you whereever you go.

    Roaming is considered a premium service and as a result it is billed at higher rates than you would normally pay while at home. We encourance customers to read our helpful tips which you can take to reduce your roaming costs while still enjoying the ease and convenience of using your mobile phone while you are travelling.

  • MyRoaming FAQs

    New Postpaid MyRoaming Plans USA

    LIME is launching its new Postpaid roaming plans to its mobile customers in markets across the Caribbean starting 17th January 2014.

    Q1. What is the New Mobile MyRoaming Plan?
    A. Postpaid MyRoaming Plans are new mobile plans being launched across the region. The new MyRoaming plans offer a base plan which includes an allowance of 30 minutes, 30 texts and 30MB of data. Customers can then tailor their plan and include bolt-ons of data dependent on their own requirements. The new plans are for specific usage in all territories of the United States except American Samoa.

    Q2. What is the MyRoaming Base plan?
    A. The base plan is the minimum requirement that customers have to purchase to receive the allowance and reduced rates. The plan has an allowance of minutes, texts and data.

    Q3. What is a bolt-on?
    A. A bolt on is an additional bundle of data that customers can add to their base plan.

    Q4. What contract lengths are available on the MyRoaming Plans?
    A. The MyRoaming plans are available on a 1 month contract.

    Q5. Do I have to use a specific USA network for the plans to work?
    A. No, the MyRoaming plans will work on all USA networks with which LIME has an agreement.

    Q6. What happens after I use my minutes/text/data allowance?
    A. Customers who use up their allowances of calls, texts or data will be billed at the published out of bundle rates. These rates are reduced compared to the standard rates.

    Q7. How are the minute bundles charged?
    A. All in and out of bundle minutes will be charged on a per minute basis.

    Q8. When can I purchase a bolt-on?
    A. Bolt-ons can be added or removed at any time during the month. If a customer removes the plan mid-month they will still be charged the full plan cost.

    Q9. How do customers sign up for the new MyRoaming Plans?
    A. Customers can sign up at any LIME Retail Outlet or via the contact center.

    Q10. Do I need a Smartphone to use MyRoaming Plans?
    A. No the MyRoaming Plans are available on all mobile handsets. Customers wanting to use data will require a data enabled handset.

    Q11. How do existing customers sign up for these new Plans?
    A. Existing postpaid customers may visit any LIME Retail Outlet and sign up for these plans or they can call the contact Centre to request the new plan.

    Q12. Once I have subscribed how soon can I start to enjoy the MyRoaming Plan?
    A. Once the base plan is provisioned postpaid customers will have immediate access to their allowances.

    Q13. Can I have the new bolt-ons with my current Mobile Plan (TT&D or older)?
    A. Yes. The bolt-ons can only be added onto any current postpaid mobile plan.

    Q14. What are the new standard rates for roaming in applicable US territories without a plan?
    A. Please see the price table for details.

    Q15. How much do the plans cost?
    A. Please see the price table for details.

    Q16. What are the rates for roaming in applicable US territories with a MyRoaming Plan?
    A. Please see the price table for details.

    Q17. Will I be able to access any of my unused minutes, text or data from the current month in the following month/billing cycle?
    A. No. The allocations of voice, text and data in the MyRoaming plans do not rollover.

    Q18. How do customers know how many minutes, texts or data they have remaining?
    A. Customers will be unable to view the remaining balances for voice and SMS in real time however they will get a number of notifications on data usage including when they are using overage. The notifications will be sent at 75%, 95% and 100% of plan usage. Notifications will also be sent for 50MB, 150MB, 350MB and 500MB of data overage.

    Q19. What call and text destinations are included as part of the base MyRoaming Plan?
    A. Please see Q16 for price table details.

    Q20. Is MyRoaming available for both Business and Residential customers?
    A. Yes.

    Q21. Is there a “CAP” on Incoming Calls with MyRoaming?
    A. No.

    Q22. Will customers be allowed to add more than one of the same bolt-on?
    A. No

    Q23. Do Term discounts apply to MyRoaming base plans, bolt-ons or usage charges?
    A. You do not get any discount on the MRC when you sign up a 12 or 24 month contract

    Q24. Is there a contractual period for having this base and/or bolt on plan?
    A. No

    Q25. Will incoming text messages incur a charge?
    A. No. MyRoaming customers will be allowed free incoming calls while roaming in the applicable territories.

    Q26. Which destinations are included in MyRoaming USA?
    A. The bundles apply to LIME customers travelling to all territories of the United States except American Samoa. MyRoaming covers roaming calls originating in the applicable territories and roaming calls terminating in the applicable territories and in LIME Caribbean territories.

    Q27. Will data only customers be able to subscribe to these plans?
    A. No. Customers must have a postpaid voice plan.

    Q28. Will a customer be required to have a BB Passport and MyRoaming or will the “data” portion of MyRoaming cover BlackBerry APN?
    A. The MyRoaming should cover all APNs.

    Q29. Are ALL US carriers covered by MyRoaming?
    A. Yes.

    Q30. If a customer has a Blackberry passport on their number (100MB of Blackberry data worldwide), how is this affected if a MyRoaming plan is attached as well? Can they exist together or does the Blackberry passport have to be removed?
    A. Both BB Passport and MyRoaming can occur on the same service. However, the BB Passport bundles will be used first and MyRoaming next.

    Q31. Do we charge customers to receive SMS messages while roaming?
    A. No. MyRoaming customers will be allowed free incoming text messages while roaming in the applicable territories.

    Q32. Is there any deposit requirement for sign up of this plan?
    A. No.

    Q33. Can a customer request a plan end date at the time of provisioning?
    A. Yes. However, if the plan end date overlaps a billing cycle the customer will see the full monthly charge on consecutive bills. Charges will not be prorated for partial months.

    Q34. Is the MyRoaming plan provisioned to specific service numbers or to accounts?
    A. MyRoaming provisioning is specific to service numbers.

    Q35. Can the MyRoaming plan be provisioned to multiple service numbers on the same account?
    A. Yes. MyRoaming plans are billed per service number.

    Q36. If a customer has BB Passport and subscribes to a MyRoaming Base or MyRoaming Bolt-on, in what order will the data bundles be used when he/she travels to the applicable US territories (except American Samoa) or LIME countries?
    A. The BB Passport data bundle will be used first. The same will apply if the customer has any other data roaming plan. Whenever multiple data roaming plans exist on the same service number, the non-MyRoaming data bundles will be consumed first.

    Q37. Do the new MyRoaming plans apply to roaming within LIME Caribbean territories?
    A. No. MyRoaming USA plans are only applicable to roaming within territories of the United States excluding American Samoa. Only roaming calls or texts from these US territories to LIME Caribbean territories would be charged at the MyRoaming rates.

  • One Rate Roaming

    With One Rate Roaming, you can roam throughout any LIME territory and pay one flat rate for intra Caribbean calls.

    • One Rate Roaming

    • Outbound calls within the country you are roaming in
    • Calling back HOME
    • Incoming calls
    • Send SMS
    • Postpaid

    • US$0.21
    • US$0.21
    • US$0.21
    • US$0.10
    • Prepaid

    • US$0.39
    • US$0.39
    • US$0.21
    • US$0.10

    Included in your BlackBerry Fee is roaming within the LIME region for no incremental charge. . Please note that calls made while roaming in the LIME Caribbean region will now no longer be deducted from plan minutes while roaming. To opt out of the LIME roaming service, please visit a LIME retail store or call the LIME contact centre.